Academic Links





People Patterns - Can you find the person that goes next in these patterns?

Guess My Button - How many questions will it take for you to "Guess My Button"?

Pattern Block Fractions - Use pattern blocks to explore fractions!

Tangram Designs - Read the legend of the Tangram. Then print out your own tangram so you can make designs!

Math Baseball - Play baseball as you practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division facts!

The Number Monster - Can you beat the Number Monster? You'll have to know your math facts!

ArithmATTACK - You'll need to know your math facts to survive this attack!

Brain Benders - Do you think you're a genius?? How about your parents?? Find out here!

Pizza Party - Can you tell how much pizza is left? Great fraction practice.

Counting Change - Can you match the coins to their amount?

Fill-In Equation - You have to fill in the missing numbers in these addition and subtraction problems.

Number Families - Do you know your fact families? Practice them here!